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The Difference is Unmistakable...

When you invest in a genuine B.C. Door you are investing in a timeless tradition of quality craftsmanship and durable construction.

Every door is manufactured with select grades of wood; each component is kiln-dried to ensure dimensional stability.


A solid wood B.C. Door will stand up to years of use that a laminate or veneer door simply cannot.

Make sure you compare... nothing lasts like a B.C. Door.

... It's what's on the Inside that Counts!

Interior Doors

Veneer Interior Door Cross-Section
B.C. Door Solid Wood Interior Door Cross-Section

Veneer Face

1/2" Panel

Timberstrand Core

11/16" Panel

Solid Lumber


B.C. Door

Exterior Doors

Veneer Exterior Door Cross-Section
B.C. Door Solid Wood Exterior Door Cross-Section

Veneer Face

1-5/16" Panel

Finger-Joint Block Core

1-3/8" Panel

Solid Lumber


B.C. Door

Only Solid Wood Stands the Test of Time

Veneers do not weather as well as solid lumber over the same time period and are subject to delamination and peeling.

Aged Solid Wood Door

Weathered and Aged Solid Lumber

Weathered and aged solid-wood has no veneer to peel. 

Aged Veneer Door

Weathered and Aged Peeling Veneer and Exposed Core

Weathered and aged veneer; delaminated and peeling, exposing the finger-joint core.

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