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Wood Species

Wood is unique in that no two pieces are identical.  Each piece of wood has its own distinctive personality that is created from its grain-pattern, color, and texture.

Doors displayed in our Digital Showroom are shown in Fir, Cedar, or Knotty Alder, however, any door can be built in any species requested.


Most clients select VG Fir for stain-grade applications because of its attractive color, grain structure, and lower cost compared to exotic hardwoods.  If you're looking to paint your door, Paint Grade will be the lowest cost material available.

Embrace the exclusivity of wood by selecting the species that best suits your tastes and fits your price-point.  Please ask your B.C. Door representative for a quote on the specific species you are interested in.

VG Fir

Douglas Fir is one of North America's greatest renewable resources.  It is a naturally sap laden wood that grows primarily in the Costal Forest Region; native to BC.  VG Fir is the most popular choice for clients as it is ideal for stain grade projects that highlight its relatively straight grain.

Cost: $x1.0

Paint Grade

Paint Grade is the combination of paint grade Douglas Fir stiles & rails and MDF panels.  Paint Grade is an excellent choice for cost savings over any other stain grade wood and when painted it provides the same look and feel as any other solid wood door.

Cost: $x0.85


Poplar is a coarse grained softwood and is often streaked with a greenish color heartwood. With exposure to light, the green heartwood will have a tendency to darken to more of a brown color.  As a result of its coloration, Poplar is rarely used in stain grade applications and is often painted.

Cost: $x1.0


Hemlock is a fine to medium grained softwood. Its color ranges from a light honey to a rich golden tan.  Overall, Hemlock stains well and looks very similar to Fir. Because of its similar look to Fir, they are often mistaken for the same species, however, they are not.

Cost: $x1.0


Cedar is a unique softwood that is lightweight and very easy to work with. It has a relatively low density, which gives it a high insulation value when compared to most other species.  Cedar is free of pitch and is resistant to moisture & decay as a result of naturally occurring extractives that are present within the wood.  These extractives are also responsible for color variations from light whitish-browns to darker browns throughout the wood.  Cedar is a good choice where an attractive appearance and resistance to weather is important.

Cost: $x1.5

Knotty Alder

Knotty Alder is characterized by the prominence of uniquely shaped knots.  Despite its natural imperfections, Knotty Alder is a strong and durable wood.  Knotty Alder has open knots, cracks, and color variations making it an ideal choice for when a rustic look is desired.

Cost: $x1.25

Red Oak

Red Oak is very popular for its use in furniture, flooring, and cabinetry.  Oak is a hardwood that is porous in nature.  It is typically cut plain-sawn, revealing wavy flat grain.  It has a very consistent color and as a result it can be finished fairly easily to match existing Oak products.

Cost: $x1.3


Maple is a species native to Eastern North America.  Typically cut plain-sawn, the surface of Maple is characterized by wavy indistinct growth rings.  It is a hardwood, which makes it quite durable and resistant to abrasive wear - as a result Maple is commonly used in furniture and cabinets that are subjected to high rates of use.

Cost: $x1.4

Sapele Mahogany

Sapele Mahogany is a hardwood that has a natural luster as a result of its interlocked grain type.  It is distinguishable by 'ribbon stripes' that are prominent yellowish color within the more typical dark red-brown shade of lumber.

Cost: $x1.4


Cherry is a hardwood belonging to the Rose family.  It is characterized by its darker red-brown color.  Pith flecks and small gum pockets are prominent throughout the lumber adding to character.  Over time, with exposure to light, its color will deepen, which makes Cherry prized for millwork applications.

Cost: $x1.4


Walnut is the only 'dark' North American hardwood.  It's color is a rich chocolate brown with a natural dull sheen.  Walnut is sought after for its unique color and beautiful grain character.

Cost: $x2.0

Quarter Sawn White Oak

White Oak (Quarter Sawn) is characterized by the prominence of medullary ray flecks.  When finished, these flecks become quite prominent and add a dramatic sense of character to this hardwood.

Cost: $x2.0

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