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Eclipse Folding Doors

Imagine.... an opening in your wall without the sliding doors.  Your inside becomes your outside in one continuous living space.

You can entertain without interruption and your views become vistas.

No fixed panels and no mullions or posts.

Just wide open space.

Eclipse Folding Doors Overlooing Ocean Views

Eclipse Folding Doors are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses because of their innovative design and functionality.  This system offer numerous advantages, making them a preferred option for various applications.

1. Space Saving

One of the most significant advantages of Eclipse Folding Doors is their ability to save space.  Unlike traditional swing doors, folding doors slide along a track and fold up neatly against the wall when opened.  This space-saving design allows for a more efficient use of space, especially in areas with limited floor space.


2. Enhanced Aesthetics

Eclipse Folding Doors are manufactured  with premium track & hardware in either Aluminum/Stainless Steel or Bronze Anodized finishes.  This makes it easy to complement the existing décor of a room.  The sleek, modern design of the hardware not only adds visual appeal, but also creates a seamless transition between different spaces.


3. Easy Installation

Eclipse Folding Doors are designed for easy installation, which can save both time and money.  At B.C. Door we machine all doors and jambs to allow for easy installation on the job site - while other fabricators leave that up to the installer.  As a result, Eclipse Systems fabricated by B.C. Door can also be installed by homeowners with some DIY skills.


4. Energy Efficiency

Eclipse Folding Doors are designed to provide excellent energy efficiency, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.  The doors feature full weather strip on all edges, which provides better insulation - minimizing heat transfer and wind penetration.  This helps maintain a consistent temperature within the room, reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems.


5. Durability

Eclipse systems from B.C. Door are built to last.  Just like the rest of our doors, our Eclipse Folding Door systems feature solid wood doors, built with premium lumber, using our traditional mortise-and-tennon construction.

B.C. Door Solid Wood Door Section


Available with multiple doors per system (up to 8 doors wide) and 8'0" tall - allowing for maximum opening space without mullions or posts.


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