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The Design Process Digital Showroom

Look for

Step 1

While B.C. Door has a large design library consisting of unique door patterns, the design process is largely up to you - the home owner.  As all our doors are made-to-order, every design can be altered to match the specific tastes of every individual.

Browse our digital showroom and order a door as-is, or let it inspire you to create your dream door.

Be Inspired

Step 2

Find a pattern # that is close to what you're looking for, but not exactly what you want?


Request a design alteration!  It could be as simple as substituting a piece of glass in place of a panel, or as complex as the design of an entirely new door that resembles nothing in our showroom.

Maybe you like the style, but would like a touch of light?  Request the insertion of a piece of clear glass.  Clear glass offers no privacy?  Request obscure glass instead of clear!

Examples of common requests are:

A pattern shows:

  • a panel/plank, but you'd prefer glass (or vice versa)

  • glass configuration 2 wide x 3 tall, but you'd prefer 2 wide x 2 tall

  • panels (raised or flat), but you'd prefer planks

  • panel configuration of 2 wide x 1 tall, but you'd prefer 1 wide panel only

B.C. Door Permier Dealer Network Map

Contact your Nearest Dealer

Step 3

If you have a design in mind that is not displayed in our digital showroom, contact your nearest B.C. Door dealer to discuss your idea and the customization options available to you.

Your nearest B.C. Door dealer will be able to provide you with an accurate quote based on your exact specifications.

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